How to find a good Hotel Price
 How to Find a Good Hotel Price
Most travelers want a fairly-priced hotel or even a good deal. Here's how to find it: More
How to Find a good Car rental price?
How to Find a Good Car Rental Price
Many travelers opt for booking a rental car on their trips. The most common rentals are during business trips, but whatever your reasons for travel. Here are some great tips:. More
How to find a good Flight price?
How to Find a Good Flight Price
Do you fly often? Are you looking for a good deal on flights? The reality is that the market for flight seekers is increasingly monopolized by a few groups.  What does that mean? That a price found on one search engine will be the same or similar to a price in most other seach engines.  You will invest much time searching from website to website getting the same results.  In the end, frustration will possibly lead you to make an uninformed purchase

What to do? TipsBeforeTrips will guide you better in your searches of cheaper flights or better deals. More

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Ask and think: Why at some time the tickets airplanes for 8 hours is the same or more cheaper a flight 2 hours?
what do you think?
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